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About Multi-task Hand Protection

Multi-task gloves are designed with a specific "task" in mind depending on the type of work you do. Double leather palms work in heavy abrasion jobs, insulated styles for warmth, fingerless styles for assembly work, and hi-vis/reflective styles where visibility is important.

MCR Safety currently offers cowhide, goatskin and deerskin leather multi-task gloves, which come in a variety of patterns and options.

Known for its Velcro( wrist closure, the multi-task glove provides a comfortable and secure fit to keep debris from falling into the glove and its breathable fabric back. All multi-task gloves are made with quality materials to meet the toughest tasks.

Luminator Multi-task Gloves


For heavy abrasion jobs, the Luminator Hi-Vis Leather Double Palm with Reflective Stripes and Safety Cuffs will serve the purpose well. Gunn pattern, select shoulder split cow leather, leather double palm and fleece cotton palm lining offer security for intense occupations. The backs of the glove feature 3M( reflective tape across knuckle area and cuff, and orange nylon Hi-Vis fabric with shirred elastic which enhances the fit. The hem of the gloves is black cotton, and a 2.5" rubberized safety cuff in natural canvas provides added protection.

Job uses:

  • General Industrial Applications
  • Cold Weather Jobs
  • Construction
  • Agricultural
  • Large Size Only

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